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    Welcome To The Bible Of Mysteries! Here You Will Find All The Mysteries You Can Possibly Imagine. From Ancient Myths To The Latest Technology Achievements! Thank You For Vistiting And Have Fun Exploring! Our Resources are from a variety of sites(Wikipedia,etc) Our job is to collect all of the info and put them together on one blog and create the biggest Encyclopedia of mysteriew know as "The Bible Of Mysteries"! By Raziel & Niscor


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By Raziel....

Adriel (Judeo-Christian)
Ambriel (Judeo-Christian)
Amesha Spenta (Zoroastrianism)
Anaelachiem (Angelology)
Arariel (Jewish mythology)
Arham (Islamic)
Ariel (Judeo-Christian)
Archangels (Judeo-Christian-Islamic)
Azazel (Judeo-Christian-Islamic)
Azrael (Judeo-Christian-Islamic)
Barachiel (Christian)
Bene Elohim (Judeo-Christian)
Cassiel (Judeo-Christian)
Cherub/Cherubim (Judeo-Christian)
Camael (a.k.a. Kemuel) (Judeo-Christian)
Darda'il (Islamic)
Dominions (a.k.a. Kyriotetes) (Judeo-Christian)
Dumah (Judeo-Christian)
Eremiel (Judeo-Christian)
Gabriel (Judeo-Christian-Islamic), also known in Arabic texts as Jibril (Christian, Islamic)
Gadreel (Hebrean-Judeo-Christian)
Gagiel, Angel of Fishermen (Judeo-Christian)
Grigori (a.k.a. Watchers) (Judeo-Christian)
Hadraniel (Judeo-Christian)
Haniel (Judeo-Christian)
Harut (Islamic)
Hesediel see also Zadkiel (Judeo-Christian
)Hamalat al-Arsh (Islamic)
Ireul (Judeo-Christian)Israfel, also written Israfil (Islamic), often considered same as Judeo-Christian RaphaelIllyriel (Judeo-Christian)
Jegudiel (Christian)
Jehoel (Judeo-Christian)
Jequn (Hebrean-Judeo-Christian)
Jerahmeel (Judeo-Christian)
Jophiel (Judeo-Christian)
Jundallah (Islamic)
Kasdeja (Hebrean-Judeo-Christian)
Kiraman Katibin (Islamic)
Kushiel (Judeo-Christian)
Leliel (Judeo-Christian)
Lucifer (Judeo-Christian)
Malik (Islamic)
Marut (Islamic)
Metatron (Judeo-Christian)
Michael (Judeo-Christian),
Mikhail, (Islamic)
Moroni (Mormonism)
Munkar (Islamic)
Mu’aqqibat (Islamic)
Muriel (Judeo-Christian)
Nakir (Islamic)
Nephi (Mormonism)
Nuriel (Jewish mythology)
Ophan/Ophanim (Judeo-Christian) see also ThronesOrifiel (Christian)
Pahaliah (Christian)
Penemua (Hebrean-Judeo-Christian)
Powers (Judeo-Christian)
Principalities (Judeo-Christian)
Puriel (Judeo-Christian)
Qaphsiel (Judeo-Christian)
Raguel (Judeo-Christian-Islamic)
Raphael, also known in Arabic texts as Israfel (Judeo-Christian-Islamic)
Raqib (Islamic)
Raziel (Judeo-Christian)
Remiel (Judeo-Christian)
Ridwan (Islamic)
Sachiel (Judeo-Christian)
Samael (Judeo-Christian)
Sandalphon (Judeo-Christian)
Sariel (Judeo-Christian-Islamic)
Satan (Judeo-Christian) Shaitaan (Islamic)
Selaphiel (Christian)Seraph/Seraphim (Judeo-Christian)Seraphiel (Judeo-Christian)Simiel (Christian)
Shamsiel (Judeo-Christian)
Tennin (Japanese mythology)
Thrones (Judeo-Christian)
Uriel (Judeo-Christian)
Uzziel (Judeo-Christian)
Virtues (Judeo-Christian)
Wormwood (Christian)
Zabaniyah (Islamic)
Zachariel (Christian)
Zadkiel (Judeo-Christian)
Zeruel (Judeo-Christian)
Zephon (Jewish mythology)
Zophiel (Judeo-Christian)


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