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Alive but have lived their death...

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People have reported near death experiences that sound fictional, but the truth is that these people are changed by what has happened to them. Many skeptics say that there is no such thing as near death experiences as described by people who have had them.

Unless a person has actually experiences a near death experience and lives to talk about it, one has to believe that this can occur. One person explained a feeling of freedom, as he had never felt before.

He did remember people around him that offered nothing but love. He explained that his experience was something that he had kept quiet for years because he was unsure what had happened to him. It was not until years later when other people started telling their stories that he opened up and told his near death experience story. He was overjoyed to know that he was not along and others had the same experiences.

It is said that those who experience near death experiences often change the way they live. They have a complete lifestyle change. If they have lived a life that included reckless behavior, they are transformed to say. They have a different outlook on life. They have experienced death and want to remain on earth living life. Many people who have had this experience have gone on to life to the fullest. Whether you believe in life after death or near life experiences, you do have to think about some of the incredible stories that people relay to others.

"By Niscor"


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