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There are some evidences that the dinosaurs may be still alive.There are repeated reports from natives in African jungle about spoting large unknown animals .These reports may point out to existence of some.

In Zimbabwe natives has reported the sighting of large flying animal,which they called kongamato.This animal was first reported to the world by Frank Welland in his book.It is described by Eyewitnesses to be large, reddish creature with leathery wings, devoid of feathers.Each person interviewed by him said the Pterodactyl was almost like the Kongamoto.

Welland also says in his book "The Kaonde people of the North-Western Province [of Zambia] used to carry charms called "muchi wa Kongamato" to protect them at certain river crossings from the Kongamato..".The Kaonde people describes it a large lizard with huge wings...

"By Raziel"


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